Frequently Asked Questions

What is POET PAC?

POET PAC is a Federal Political Action Committee (PAC) formed to promote and facilitate the accumulation of voluntary individual contributions to support candidates who are committed to being champions for America’s biofuel and agricultural industries. Through proactive industry initiatives and effective advocacy efforts, POET PAC is committed to representing its members in Washington D.C. and around the country.

Why is having POET PAC so important to the industry?

What happens in Washington D.C. over the next few years will impact the biofuel and agricultural industries for the next decade. POET PAC must invest in champions who are on the frontlines of our most difficult battles as our biggest competitors invest millions to undermine our success. PAC dollars are strategically used to:

  • Keep congressional seats in the hands of pro-biofuel and agricultural lawmakers
  • Countering the influence of anti-biofuel candidates and lawmakers
  • Reserves our industry a seat at the table during critical discussions that impact the future of biofuels and rural America.

Who does POET PAC give to?

POET PAC is bipartisan and does not consider a candidate’s political affiliation when making contribution decisions. PAC dollars are strategically utilized to support federal candidates who support issues that are important to the biofuel and agricultural industries.

Who can give to POET PAC?

POET PAC collects voluntary individual contributions from those who want to influence the decisions made in Washington D.C. that impact the future of biofuels and rural America.

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